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Tree behind the tree

Dmytro Chepurnyi, Alyona Karavai, Anton Usanov

The exhibition presents the results of the residency «When was the story interrupted?»* and combines individual and collective practices.

Russian imperialism operates in Ukraine implementing a consistent policy of destroying lives and the environment, including its multispecies relations and languages of expression. Ukraine, on the other hand, defends the right to exist and the opportunity to determine its future. The exhibition thematically combines various stories about resilience, vulnerability, and the ability to regenerate.

Most of the works created during the residency at the Hata-Maisternya in the village of Babyn are reflections on memory and war. A special way of existing in a temporary reality, when one cannot build one's life on solid ground, prompts one to work with what is at hand: with the landscape in front of one's eyes and the personal experience of living through war. Combining artistic and everyday perspectives, the exhibition explores how the relationship between man and nature acts as a force for regeneration in the face of violence and destruction.

Participants of the exhibition: Kateryna Aliynyk, Piotr Armyanovskyi, Luka Basov, Bohdan Volynskyi, Yaroslava Kovalchuk, Daniil Nemyrovskyi, Oleksandra Pogrebnyak, Maria Rusinkevich, Anton Sayenko, Olesya Sayenko, Three Exercises in Realism, Tamara Turlyun, Nazar Furyk, Maksym Khodak, Natasha Chichasova, Sana Shakhmuradova, Tereza Yakovyna.

Curators: Dmytro Chepurnyi and Anton Usanov.

The exhibition was worked on by Alyona Karavai, Anastasia Kuzmenko, Yevhen Nikulnikov, Olga Jus, Maryan Zakharevich, and Lilia Pilatiuk.

The exhibition owes its support to ISAR Yednannia within the framework of the project "Initiative of sectoral support of civil society"

*«When was the story interrupted?» is the fifth group residency initiated by the Assortment Room (Acts of Desperation, 2020, curator: Anna Potemkina, Alex Fischer; Body on Earth, 2021, curators: SOMA Workshop; Working Room, 2022, curator: Lesya Khomenko; Residence on the Future, curator: Borys Filonenko and Katya Buchashka) and the first, which takes place in the winter season. The residency took place within the framework of the project "Synergy of the Cultural Front", which is implemented by the public organization «Insha Osvita» with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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