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Anton Usanov 


Kyiv, Ukraine

(+3) (8066) 692-65-01


Curator and researcher interested in the fate of the object in contemporary art. Special attention is paid to working with the provincial context, where conservative pressure gives rise to Unexpected forms of art.


Work Experience

Asortymentna kimnata, Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine) - affiliated curator

February 2023 – ...

Jump contemporary art center, Poltava (Ukraine) – curator 

May 2017 – ...

Art-critic (Freelance)

September 2017 – ...

Jump gallery, Poltava (Ukraine) – assistant curator  (running social media, assembling expositions)

March 2016 – May 2017

Moviegram ( – journalist and content creator

April 2015 – September 2016


«Long night» (2023) - exhibition about the art object during blackouts.

«When was the story interrrupted?» (curated with Dmytro Chepurnyi) (2022-2023) - artist residence on commemoration of the war in Ukraine.

«Neutralization» (2022) - exhibition about the war in Ukraine.

«Garden after the Gods» (curated with Nikita Kadan) (2021) - exhibition about antique myths in the art of contemporary artists.

«Upper Layers of Earth Conference» (curated with Kateryna Tykhonenko and Shaza Musa) (2020) - theoretical and practical conference about the role of periphery in creating a cultural canon. 

«White noise» (2019) – exhibition and research about the media art scene in Poltava

«Oste ste» (2018) – exhibition of a street photographer Steven Jensen

«DuSt: Poltava 90s underground art» (2017)  – research project on the lives and works of unknown artists during the transitional period of ukrainian history.

«White on white» (artists: Yuri Leiderman, Tereza Barabash, Vartan Markaryan, Alina Litvinenko) (2017) – a project about the cultural life in the periphery and it’s connections with other world peripheries.



V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Kharkiv (Ukraine) – master of philosophy

2009 –  2014

Carpathian school of literature 

February 2015

Curatorial training, Kharkiv municipal gallery

September 2017

Seminar “Creating ruin”, Method Fund

June 2019

Curatorial Platform at Pinchuk Art Centre

November 2019 - March 2020



«The art of the  periphery» for prostory

«The event of the periphery» for prostory 

«Сurator as operator of boredom» for «Landscape as monument»

«About contemporary art of Poltava» for mitec

Researcher and author of the book «DuSt: Informal Art of the 90s in Poltava»

Curator and main editor of the catalog for «Upper Layers of Earth Conference»

«Розширення пам’яті. Нові слова, якими ми описуємо війну, культуру і комеморацію» for post impreza

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