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Artists: Vartan Markarian, Volodymyr Kolbasa, Vadim Makhitka.

Curator: Anton Usanov.


Graphic design: Marina Zevako.

The preparation of the project lasted for about three months, which is a significant period in the "new" conditions of life: a whole season in nature or another term of the ongoing martial law. During this time, the driving idea for ​​the project changed and became fluid as a result. Now the idea is rather based on a long watchful look, peering into the darkness and not just on some familiar notions and concepts.

The starting point was the desire to look fear in the eyes and document the consequences of the enemy's invasion of the northern regions of the country. However, the very expedition to the places where hostilities took place changed the mood and optics for interpreting what happened. The quick cleaning up of the consequences of the battles, the heroic stories of the defenders, the local population, which so quickly restores all life processes, and the image of children who can carelessly play even on burnt tanks, led to thoughts about the absurdity of reality or even its game component. After all, in the war itself there is also an element of games, exaggeration, tricks, etc. Inflatable rockets, tanks, dummy vehicles and any attempt to increase the appearance of your power. Noticing these elements, bringing them out, revealing secrets and tricks - also helps neutralize your fear of the threatening unknown.

Installation «Bledin» (2022)

 The interactive installation «Bledin» is a copy of the rocket on a scale of 1:1. Reacting to the screams of the spectators, the rocket deforms, deflates and loses its threatening shape. In this way, fear is neutralized and retreats under the pressure of a certain effort.

Installation «Like the dew before the sun» (2022)

The installation «Like the dew before the sun» is an accurate model of tanks that burned in the Kyiv and Sumy regions and a video where they seem to fall from a height and crumple into a pile of scrap metal. The figurines themselves are made of sugar, so over time they begin to melt, spread and lose their shape.

Installation «Seedlings» (2022)

The interactive installation «Seedlings» tells about the conditions in which an agrarian country had to work in order to harvest and send to other countries in order to avoid hunger and food crisis. An image of a mine is projected onto the bread, which can be demined by waving your hand nearby. A fragment of the caterpillar of a knocked-out tank lies nearby.

«Half-life» (2022)

In this work, you can see in a mixed reality burnt out tanks, which were photographed by us in Kyiv region and Sumy region.


A fragment can be seen in the video.

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